Yoshihiro Nishimura



Born in Tokyo in 1967, Yoshihiro Nishimura taught himself to do special effects, and went on to found one of the busiest special effects makeup companies in Japan, Nishi-Eizo, which has practically created a genre unto itself, with work on films ranging from SUICIDE CLUB to L: CHANGE THE WORLD to GOTHIC AND LOLITA PSYCHO. He began making short films in high school and college, and directed his first short feature, ANATOMIA EXTINCTION, in 1995, providing the template for his later TOKYO GORE POLICE, which debuted in 2008 at film festivals around the world. Nishimura has also been closely associated with the work of Sion Sono, contributing effects and production design to SUICIDE CLUB, EXTE and many others. After TOKYO GORE, Nishimura co-directed VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL (with Naoyuki Tomomatsu), and made MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD for Sushi Typhoon with Noboru Iguchi and Tak Sakaguchi. One of the busiest creative forces in the low-budget Japanese film industry, he has several projects lined up for later in 2010, the most significant being his first solo directorial feature since TGP, the massive zombie epic HELLDRIVER, part of The Sushi Typhoon.