Takashi Miike


Born in Osaka in 1960, Miike graduated from the Japan Academy of Moving Images in Yokohama. After assisting directors such as Shohei Imamura and Hideo Onchi, he directed a number of low-budget yakuza movies on video and made his theatrical feature debut with SHINJUKU TRIAD SOCIETY in 1995. Directing more than 50 feature films and dozens of TV and video movies in a wide range of genres to date, Miike has attracted many international fans with his distinctive visual style and willingness to break existing boundaries with his subject matter and extreme violence. His extensive filmography includes titles such as the SHINJUKU TRIAD follow-up RAINY DOG, FULL METAL YAKUZA and FUDOH: THE NEXT GENERATION (all 1997), BLUES HARP and THE BIRD PEOPLE OF CHINA (both 1998), the critically-acclaimed AUDITION (1999), THE CITY OF LOST SOULS, DEAD OR ALIVE and its sequel (all 2000), THE HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS and the transgressive pair of VISITOR Q and ICHI THE KILLER (all 2001), GOZU (2003), IZO (2004), ZEBRAMAN (2004), THE GREAT YOKAI WAR (2005), BIG BANG LOVE, JUVENILE A and the “Masters of Horror” banned TV episode IMPRINT (both 2006), SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO (2007), and YATTERMAN (2009) among many, many others.

Miike will be contributing a film to The Sushi Typhoon in the future, but at present, those details must remain shrouded in mystery.