Noboru Iguchi



Born in 1969 in Tokyo, Noboru Iguchi is practically a one-man genre film factory, working in a genre known as “Noboru Iguchi movies,” which marry a fetishistic personal vision with a remarkably self-assured filmmaking method, and a complete unwillingness to self-censor any crazy idea that comes into his head. He began filmmaking in 1996, and shot his first feature, A LARVA TO LOVE, in 2003. He works frequently as an actor, and has also worked in Japan’s A/V (adult video) industry as a director, but his international career really took off with the release of the Tokyo Shock production THE MACHINE GIRL in 2008, followed by ROBO-GEISHA in 2009, and hasn’t slowed down yet, with work currently underway on a second season of the TV series ANCIENT DOGOO GIRL (which he created), plus his Sushi Typhoon titles MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD and a live-action update of the 1970′s transforming hero TV show Denjin Zaborgar, now known as KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR!